Written by Super User

Learning and Development with Vaquita.

Are you getting the most out of your expensively implemented business systems?  If the answer to this is even ‘maybe’, then consider helping your people to use the systems first.  Systems are just logical databases.  Correctly trained people can get more out of systems than you think.  

Perhaps your business system implementation went live 2 years ago?  Perhaps you are struggling to get the most out of the system?  Contact us for a coffee, and we (as individuals who have been through this before) can talk you through how to unlock your systems potential.  The key is more often than not putting in place correctly trained individuals.  Simply showing users how much more that they can get out of the system as a team reaps rewards.  Often there are parts of the system that have been removed from view by functional consultants, thinking that the functionality was overkill for the users, but these can be the essential tools that help further automate and simplify your business processes.

Let us come in and provide personalised training for your users.  You’ll be surprised at the results.