Written by Super User

Information Systems Audit:

  • Vaquita Business Consulting are called in to remediate business systems for our clients.  As Henry Ford said “Don’t find a fault, find a remedy”.  Our benefits driven approach has won many friends amongst Oracle and Siebel clients.  Our experience delivers.

Our experience delivers.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) Audit:

  • Find and simplify an overly complex call centre Oracle Applications or Siebel process.
  • Discover call centre processes that don’t cover enough of what your business actually does.
  • Find issues with and optimise your scheduling of resources and assignment of work to them.
  • Maximise your CRM Service and CRM sales process to use the most of your valuable resources.

Inventory Management and Supply Chain Audit:  

  • Get back to the Vanilla software you’ve invested in.
  • Reduce Excess stock, by making the most of your sophisticated parts management system.
  • Enable simplified item and asset costing.
  • Settle constant stock inaccuracies by bringing your processes under control.