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We’ve been serving our customers since 2003, delivering smart and simple systems for Call Centres, Dispatchers, Field Crews and Finance teams.



In that time, the new software and processes that we’ve implemented have put over $185m back onto the bottom line of our clients business P&L.



Field service techs and Engineers using our systems have driven over 32 million km to resolve customer issues, and perform preventative maintenance.


Vaquita Business Consulting were formed in 2003.  After eight years in industry and ten in consulting, Tim and Simon decided that it was time to branch out together, and two heads proved to be better than one.  It has proven over the years to be the case, with consulting work sold on both sides of the globe, and consulting associates coming out of the woodwork to help us at just the right times from the UK, Australia, India, the US, Japan, Africa, Scandinavia and the Philippines.  An eclectic and diverse team is always guaranteed at Vaquita, and that makes for a lovely sense of equality at work - and plenty of stories!

What we do

We provide three core services; Project Management, Business Consulting and Training, working through project initiation, design, build, test, train, delivery and support.

Backed up by a formal knowledge repository and a network of skilled consultants and associates, Vaquita Business Consultants can help your people with a full implementation or just a specific part of it. Get in touch with us to find out more.

Client Quote


"Poorly written functional specs. were causing ongoing delays to the program of work.  The Vaquita Business Consulting team helped us to pinpoint this issue, and quickly get the program back on track"  

CIO - Consumer Electronics Company


Small beginnings 

Tim and Simon decided to break out and run their own business consulting firm in 2003.  The first projects were in part sold and delivered from the luxury of Tim's spare bedroom in Edinburgh, Scotland.  The work started to trickle in, and we were soon delivering our first project - a Telecommunications Sales Ordering system using the Oracle eBusiness Suite to a mid-tier telco in Gloucester.  The system is still in place and up and running successfully today - having been upgraded a couple of times.

Sensing growth

Simon went to set up the Australian office in Melbourne, when a major Japanese consumer electronics client wanted to optimise their poorly implemented Field Service Scheduling systems.  They turned to us, and we ended up employing 8 different people to help on this project - which ended up successfully re-engineering their auto-scheduling system and delivering close to zero-touch scheduling and dispatch from service call initiation through to service call receipt.

Gas, Water, Electricity

With a number of utilities and other linear asset management industry implementations (Oracle has been very popular in this area), we have bedded down our experience and now come equipped to deliver high quality solutions for gas, water and electricity clients. The most recent examples of which are the design of an integrated asset management and field service scheduling solution at one of Melbourne's water utilities, and a European gas utilities mobile field service software design.

Designed and built globally, with simplicity in mind.

Our systems are designed with the global worker in mind, but inspired by a British and Australian work ethic.  A mix of gritty perseverance, drive to succeed, and cost consciousness gives the systems that we design an edge.  With backgrounds in 'big 5' Consulting across industry sectors, the founders at Vaquita Business Consulting understand the value that clients are looking to squeeze from a finite pool of people, processes and systems. 

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